• Certified Division Order AnalysT (CDOA)

    A CDOA possesses experience, knowledge, and professional competency in the duties generally associated with the Division Order Administration. The CDOA designation denotes the individual has a sense of personal and professional ethics, high moral character and integrity.

  • Program Governance

    Our certification program is governed by our Voluntary Certification Program Policy and Procedures. Our Certification Committee is charged with the administration of the Policy and the implementation of procedures. The Qualifications for certification, Recertification, and Fees are explained within the guide.

Program Guide

Did you know?

Our CDOA Study Guide is provided free of charge to NADOA members and is available for download and/or printing. The guide is used in preparation for the examination process as described in the Voluntary Certification Program Policy and Procedures. All exam questions are taken directly from the study guide. This guide (and the exam itself) may be udpated from time to time as needed. Last updated September 18, 2011.

Study Guide


Our forms require the use of Acrobat Reader.


  • For questions regarding the certification process, please contact:

    Certification Committee
    PO Box 1656
    Palm Harbor, FL 34682

    Committee Chair:
    Yoli Bazan